HEXBUG Premium
Tweak Your Ride
Harder. Faster. Stronger. Push your ride to speeds of up to 18 mph with sleek-design and purpose-driven builds! You control the action. Beyond RC, decide your tuner car’s drive, handling and styling—even the race track is up to you. Create a challenging raceway. Create the perfect mod to conquer it.
Build a legend, then level it up. Change up your rims, install under-glow lighting, change body panels and apply decals to claim your tuner’s unique style. Make your HEXMOD untouchable. It’s all about adjusting your mod to the raceway for a trailblazing performance! Modify to dominate. Choose your motor, gear ratio and drivetrain option. Handling is also customizable with steering links and suspension springs. Where are you racing: tile, carpet, wooden floors? Choose your set of tires and show no mercy.
Performance Mods
Power up your performance. Easily install your choice of either the HEXMODS high speed motor or high torque motor. The speed motor can reach 20,000 rpm, and the torque motor hits 15,000 rpm. Each motor runs for 20 minutes of playtime when the battery is fully charged. Pick your poison and then it’s pedal to the metal.
Power vs Speed. Decide between HEXMODS top speed gear cluster, high torque and balanced. Begin by familiarizing yourself with the HEXMODS balanced gear cluster, then experiment with speed and power (torque). To outpace the competition, choose a top speed gear cluster with a gear ratio of 24:18. Easily dominate straighways and oval tracks. Curves up ahead? Consider the high torque cluster for quick acceleration and power. With a gear ratio of 28:14, you will be able to burst out of the turn and push through the finish line.
Mode: Overdrive. Experiment with different drivetrain setups to determine the one that’s ideal for your racing circuit. With front wheel drive, master cornering and quick turns. Discover how FWD creates added traction and reduces the chances of your car skidding. Feel the need for speed? Rear wheel drive is the pick for straightaways. RWD is the fastest drivetrain option, but (warning!) mind the curves. For pure drifting action, try out all-wheel drive.
Make a pitstop, quickly switch out your tires, then be fast or be last. Soft tread is good for gravel, grit, and grips the best. Hard slick is built for high speed and for racing on hard smooth surfaces. If you’re all about drifting, then select the low traction drift tire set. With zero tread, no friction will stop you from mastering tuner tricks.
Chassis Mods
Push It To The Limit. Steering links can be installed at different degrees which change the positioning of the tires. Toe represents the pointing of the tires inward or outward. Depending on if toe is in or out affects stability and responsiveness. If you are preparing for a race that has few turns and many straightaways, you’ll want a degree of stability; try toe in. For cornering and steering response, see which degree of toe out allows your tires to turn quicker. For parallel positioning, zero toe is your go to. This creates the least amount of friction on the track and is a good in-between for a circuit with a mix of straightways and curves.
Your choice in coil spring will help your tuner dampen shock impact and deliver a stronger performance. Where are you racing: concrete, carpet, wood floors tile? Soft shocks are ideal for bumpy surfaces like thick carpet, while the hardest shocks are perfect for tile. Consider your race terrain and adjust your suspension accordingly. See You At The Finish Line.
Spring Orientation
Test to see how coil spring orientation can affect the dampening, handling, steering and traction of your HEXMOD. Angling your springs’ orientation inward increases the springs’ performance so that a soft spring is even softer and can absorb more shock and prevent swaying. See how your drive changes as you straighten up your suspension.
Trim Package
Thousands of Configurations Possible!
Street legal lights, exhausts, engine covers, side skirts, roofs, front bumpers, and rear bumpers included only with HEXMODS PRO SERIES ELITE RACEWAY (Night Hawk car body).
How It Works
Race to
HEXMODS interference-free remote technology gives you the power to race your whole crew simultaneously. Proportional controls enable precise, smooth steering, acceleration, and braking.
Controller Range
Recharge and Go
Equipped with Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries so the racing never stops.
Screw/Nut Driver
Build, modify, and customize your vehicle with one tool.
Remote Batteries
Power up your HEXMODS remote with 3 AAA batteries for top level steering.
Track Pieces
Pro Series Elite Raceway comes with 20 feet of flexible track barriers. Connect the barriers to create hairpin turns or straightaways, figure-eights, and even drift circuits. Design a raceway fit for a champion, then test your modification chops. Adapt your ride with 1000s of combinations and watch as you leave your competition in the dust.
Track Pieces
How To Buy
  • Modifiable RC cars with universal reconfigurable chassis
  • Performance upgrades to change driving capabilities
  • Aesthetic upgrades
  • 2.4 GHz proportional control system
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery in vehicle
  • 18 MPH speed
  • Exotic supercar body style
  • Includes barrier strips to build your own race course
  • Modifiable RC cars with universal reconfigurable chassis
  • Performance upgrades to change driving capabilities
  • Aesthetic upgrades to customize how the car looks
  • 2.4 GHz proportional control system
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery in vehicle
  • 13 MPH speed
  • Exotic supercar body style
HEXBUG Premium
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HEXBUG Premium